Video can substantially improve conversion rates…

Paid online advertising can be a great way to get to your target audience, whether that’s using LinkedIn, Facebook/Instagram Youtube or paid search on Google.

If you’re already advertising online or plan to in the future, my recommendation is definitely to include video within your repertoire

Video can be a great way to increase your click-through-rate and your conversion rate from an advert, as people are far more likely to pay attention to video content whereas they skim or multitask on written pieces.

Millennial consumers prefer video content over other forms.

Videos don’t have to be professionally produced, particularly with the capability of the latest smart phones, so you don’t have to spend big to get decent results.

But given the very high percentage of people that watch without sound, they must have subtitles.

It is essential to make sure you test different types of ads to see which format works best for your audience, but if you’re looking to make your advertising as effective as possible, I recommend you make sure that video is explored.